10 Tips for Building Resilience

Being resilient isn’t easy. There are many people who have faced adversity and come out stronger for it, but resilience is not something that you can just build overnight. It takes time and effort to foster the resilience you need to face life’s challenges with a smile on your face. This article will give you 10 tips for building your own resilience so that life doesn’t get the best of you!

Never stop learning

Both external and internal factors that is. Understand the scenarios and surroundings that have tested your resilience before. Know when to push through and when to step back. Learn how you operate and what works for you, what helps you to move in the world in the way you would like.

Cultivate your interests

Ensuring you are focusing on the things that are bringing joy to your life is key. Having other interests and hobbies that offer some respite will help to rejuvenate you and allow you to have the energy to more easily brush things off.

Get enough sleep every night

In order to have a better outlook on life, you need to be rested and well-rested. Try your best not to stay awake for too long as it will make you feel more tired even after a good night’s rest.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise will not only improve your mental acuity, but also the increased serotonin and dopamine will improve your mood and ability to deal with what the world throws at you.

Don’t dwell on the past

We all make mistakes and it’s best to learn from them rather than punish yourself for them. It might not be your fault but if you haven’t seen any results in changing things, there is no point in beating yourself up about it!

Stay positive

You can control how much positivity you put out into the world. If you surround yourself with positive people and avoid negative ones, your positivity will rub off on others too.

Focus on what’s good around you

When times are tough it helps to focus on things that make us happy like our loved ones, pets or local community projects that we can get involved with.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparison is the thief of joy and only leads to unhappiness, especially with social media around today! You can celebrate other people’s success without feeling like you’re less successful than them. Be happy for others but take note for your own life too.

Start small

Resilience is something that is built over time. It’s not a case of waking up and saying ‘I’m going to be resilient today’. It’s a mindset, a trait that takes time, repetition and knowledge to foster. So start small, take the easy wins, recognise small challenges throughout the day and react how you would like to, if you’d have set out your hopes in advance. The small wins will gradually build over time and become second-nature.

Be kind to yourself

Resilience is not about being strong all the time, it’s about knowing when you are weak. It takes a certain amount of courage to be vulnerable with others but showing your weaknesses will help bring down barriers and make relationships deeper. On the topic of being kind to yourself, you should also ensure you get the level of sleep that helps you function at your best. In order to have a better outlook on life, you need to be rested and well-rested.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

It’s easy to get caught up in life’s minutiae but take a step back and evaluate what is really important. Don’t let things that are out of your control hold you hostage, it will only make matters worse for yourself if you obsess over something you can never change.

These two brilliant BESTSELLERS are fantastic to supercharge your resilience:

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Developing Resilience: A Cognitive-Behavioural Approach By Michael Neenan

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