Top 5 Techniques To Manage Anxiety

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Anxiety often manifests itself as feelings of unease, fear, and panic, and is generally – although not always – caused by stress. Feeling anxious before an interview or an exam, feeling butterflies in your stomach before a first date or when about to step on stage to host a presentation, is perfectly normal.

However, for some, anxiety can develop into a more prolonged and serious condition, often a symptom of disorders such as panic disorder, generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, or PTSD, which can lead people to feel isolated and unable to engage in day to day life.

How To Work With Your Attachment Style For More Fulfilling Relationships

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Understanding your attachment style can be critical to having and maintaining fulfilling relationships. Whilst it might feel like a death sentence to find out your attachment style is not secure, especially if you can see how your attachment style has played out negatively in past relationships, it’s important to know that these attachment styles are malleable, can be worked on and more importantly nothing to be ashamed of.

5 Quick Tips For Dealing With Mental Health Issues

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Despite it being possible to be as connected as you would look at almost any time; in recent years people have been becoming increasingly disconnected from one another in many ways. There is a greater percentage of the population than ever suffering from mental health issues in one way or another, from anxiety to loneliness and if that is you, it can help to remember you’re not alone. There are people that want to help, people going through the same things and most importantly there is a day when you find your peace.

4 Life Lessons Jane Austen Can Teach Us

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Along with her timeless presence, Jane Austen’s novels bring thought-provoking topics to light that is still used today for school exams, and everyday life. So let’s take a dive into literature and look at some of the learnings we can take from her books.

5 Ways To Calm Your Workplace Anxiety

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Workplace anxiety can have you feeling stressed, nervous, uneasy, or tense when you think about your job, such as interacting with people from work, or even how well you are performing in your role.

8 Business & Finance Books That Will Change Your Life

The books in this video (and linked below) are a great base for anyone interested in growing in their Business, Financial or Professional sphere’s and should be top of your reading list, as some of the most useful and insightful books across the topic with takeaways that you can utilise in your own life.

How Your Attachment Style May Be Affecting Your Relationships

Attachment theory is the principle to understanding the behaviours and attitudes you demonstrate in your adult relationships…

10 Apps To Help Maintain Your Mental Health

Most of us could use some guidance in the mental health arena, especially after the effects of a global pandemic, 2 years of relative isolation and several lockdowns.

With that in mind, we at The Renaissaint have compiled a list of 10 great apps with various offerings that may help you stay on top of your mental health.