How To Work With Your Attachment Style For More Fulfilling Relationships

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Understanding your attachment style can be critical to having and maintaining fulfilling relationships. Whilst it might feel like a death sentence to find out your attachment style is not secure, especially if you can see how your attachment style has played out negatively in past relationships, it’s important to know that these attachment styles are malleable, can be worked on and more importantly nothing to be ashamed of.

How To Refocus & Redefine Your Goals For Success

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Sometimes goals can feel elusive and they can slip through your fingers over time, in a world that is filled with constant distractions and temptations to detract from them. Thus, a little bit of extra effort to refocus on our goals can sometimes be required.

Here’s a ‘how-to’ guide to help make refocusing on your goals a positive exercise for unleashing your personal potential. 

4 Life Lessons Jane Austen Can Teach Us

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Along with her timeless presence, Jane Austen’s novels bring thought-provoking topics to light that is still used today for school exams, and everyday life. So let’s take a dive into literature and look at some of the learnings we can take from her books.

5 Ways To Calm Your Workplace Anxiety

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Workplace anxiety can have you feeling stressed, nervous, uneasy, or tense when you think about your job, such as interacting with people from work, or even how well you are performing in your role.

The Power Of Visualisation And Some Simple Steps To Implement It In Your Life

Goal-directed visualisation is the regular use of the imagination in a way that can help people fulfil their goals by engaging in purposeful thinking about the desired outcome. Now let’s look at some actionable ways you can apply it in your life…

How Your Attachment Style May Be Affecting Your Relationships

Attachment theory is the principle to understanding the behaviours and attitudes you demonstrate in your adult relationships…

The 40% Rule – The Secret To Going Further

It was ex-Navy SEAL and ultra-endurance athlete David Goggins who most recently popularised the concept of the 40% rule.

5 Meal-Prep Hacks To Keep Your Nutrition on Track

Preparing meals in advance is a sure-fire route to improving your nutrition. Here we’ll show you why meal prepping is important, plus five methods to getting ahead of the game and readying your meals, without having to resort to “ready meals”…

4 Simple Ways to Eat For Weight Loss Without Dieting

Want to know how to eat better without dieting or turning to restrictive meal plans?

Here are 4 ways you can improve your nutrition almost instantly and begin to lose that unwanted weight.

3 Inspirational Life Lessons From The Beatles’ Documentary Get Back (2021)

The Beatles’ new documentary Get Back has been long-awaited by music fans, who had been waiting for fifty years to see their favourite band rehearse and practice for what is now the Beatles’ iconic last performance on the rooftop.